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David Schoenberg BA, LMT, CNMT, graduated from AntiochCollege with a degree in Biology/Environmental Science. Upon Graduation David taught two college level classes in conjunction with AntiochCollege’s Environmental Field Program. He continues to be an advocate for conservation and health of our environment. He states that ‘Our surrounding is an extension of who we are’. If we use pesticides on our food or in our gardens eventually those will end up in our bodies and hence our health and well being are compromised. Before Massage school he adventured mostly in environmental interpretation/education and outdoor Instruction in skiing, canoeing, climbing, rafting, and hiking.

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Marisa DelMonaco Biography


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Marisa DelMonaco, BA, LMT, HHC, CNT,

Marisa’s mission is to help clients understand what steps they need to take in order to be healthy, knowledgeable and motivated. Through education, evaluations and exercises she can help clients with any health issue they are experiencing.  She helps clients uncover where they are stuck and working to resolve resistances to meaningful changes. She has a method that goes step by step and incorporates a learning model that meets on a regular basis to optimize results. She works both with groups and individuals.
Marisa DelMonaco, BA, LMT and Certified Nutritional Therapist, Certified Emotion Code, graduate of the Institute for Integrated Nutrition.  She has studied, holistic health for many years encompassing meditation, relaxation and personal growth work.  Nutrition and wellness are a focus of her life and studies. She graduated from the Florida School of Massage  She is licensed Massage Therapist  practices various forms of massage therapy including deep tissue, sports massage and Upledgers's Craniosacral Therapy, Reiki, and emotional release techniques.
She incorporates food, lifestyle and nutritional evaluation to create a total wellness program. Marisa loves to hike, dance, cross country ski and maintains a meditation and yoga practice.  She is a mother of two and enjoys cooking and preparing delicious wholesome meals and snacks for her family. She and her husband David Schoenberg run their practice-- Mountain Therapeutics-- a wellness center that offers Massage therapy services dedicated to postural issues and muscular balance, Yoga for body/mind awareness, nutritional therapy and colon hydrotherapy.