Wilton CT- 5 foods to avoid!

Proposition 37 failed to pass in California, a stature that would have required the labeling of genetically modified foods (GMO's) in that state. Because of economies of scale this would have impacted labeling in the United States as a whole. In general I am for transparency and honesty in labeling in advertising and in commerce. Only with straight forward Information can consumers make informed decisions. This has me suspicious...

of those responsible for proposition 37 failure. Their bottom line and corporate underpinnings is more important than your decision for your own health, your family’s health, Americas health or the worlds health. Like the tobacco industry knowingly aware of the harmful effects of smoking, insisting for a decade that there products were safe and healthy.

Regardless that proposition 37 failed to pass in California (reducing our rights, freedoms and liberty to be informed) we vote every day with our purchases. Use the controversy of GMO's to act prudently when it concerns your health, your families and friends’ health. I have taken a personal stance and measure to avoid and boycott those companies that are for clandestine operations, anti-transparency, anti the right to be informed and hence make informed decisions for yourself. I just do not consume hydrogenated oil. Hydrogenated oils are readily labeled, unlike GMO's the task to avoid these potentially very harmful foods will be much more difficult.

Here's a list of food companies against Prop 37 and how much money they've contributed to oppose it (according to Food Democracy Now!):

Monsanto - $7,100,500; DuPont - $4,900,000; Pepsi - $2,145,400; Bayer - $2,000,000; Dow - $2,000,000; BASF - $2,000,000; Syngenta - $2,000,000; Kraft Foods - $1,950,000; Coca-Cola - $1,455,500; Nestle - $1,315,600; General Mills - $1,135,000; ConAgra - $1,077,000; Kellogg’s - $790,000; Smithfield - $684,000.

And here's a list of companies that have supported Prop 37 and companies to support with your voting dollars:

Mercola.com - $1,115,000; Nature’s Path - $610,000; Dr. Bronner’s - $369,000; Lundberg - $251,000; Udis/EarthBalance/Glutino - $102,000; Clif Bar- $100,000; Organic Valley - $100,000; Amy’s - $100,000; Annie’s - $50,000; Nutiva - $50,000; Frey Vineyards - $35,000.

In Europe GMO foods are labeled, and most people are informed of the ramifications of consuming GMO's. In the U.S. if a food product is not labeled organic or Non GMO's you can be pretty sure your food is GMO sourced. Ingredients to avoid because a greater percentage of the US production is Genetically Modified include Soybeans, Canola, cottonseed, corn, and sugar from sugar-beets, For more information   ttp://www.nongmoshoppingguide.com  A website published by the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT). http://www.mercola.com/ is an alternative information pack web site.

Eat well, be well

'One cannot think well, love well, sleep well, if one has not dined well'

 -Virginia Woolf