Nutritional Coaching

Get serious about your health and nutrition. At Mountain Therapeutics Wellness Center we strive to educate and inspire you. We improve your health status by adjusting the quality, quantity and types of nutrient intake.  We help you improve your health concerns by addressing the five foundations of health: digestion, fatty acids, blood sugar levels, mineral balance, and hydration.  We work with you on a bio-individual level and educate you in the process. We use an online nutritional assessment intake and 3-5 day food journal and functional evaluation to determine your needs. Functional evaluation is a method that helps to identify organ weaknesses so that specific nutritional recommendations can be made for your body. Blood tests results, from the last year, can be useful and recommended.

Nutrition is more than what to eat, it encompasses what thoughts we have, what we do with our bodies and how we feel about our lives. Do you nourish yourself with your lifestyle choices? Our goal counseling you is to design a program that accomplishes a fully nourishing life: food being a very important component! We over eat or make the wrong choices because of an attempt to satisfy an underlying nutritional need. We help you focus on selecting and cooking delicious, health building foods. Learn ways to manage stress, and exercising properly to support a healthier lifestyle. Improve your diet and improve your life.

Here are two sites I recommend for recipe idea's :

'Grain Free Chocolate Almond-Coconut Cookies'

'Chocolate Obsession Bars: A Grain-Free, Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, Rich, Decadent Real Food Dessert' By Kerry Ann 



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