Signature Classical Swedish Massage

Swedish massage is a strong message of affirmation to your body, mind and psyche. Swedish massage affords you a respite from the external energy expending world to an inner space where peace, rest, rejuvenation, and health building can occur. Swedish massage is the perfect escape from unrelenting daily, weekly or monthly amounts of accumulated stress and tension.

An important distinguishing characteristic of a Swedish massage is the moderate amount of pressure applied proportionally to the size of the muscle group being treated. Another important characteristic is the flowing nature of the work promoting venous circulation (healing) and relaxation by soothing peripheral nerves in the skin. Most, if not, all body parts and muscles groups are being soothingly touched, relaxed and integrated. Swedish massage includes flowing movements, long soothing strokes using pure light oils, kneading, and using light to medium pressure. You will relax, revitalize, and renew your body; Improve muscle tone, stimulates circulation, and relieves tension.  

1 hour - $110

90 minutes- $160

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